ASTR 403 Homework Fall 2012

Homework 1 (in class Sept 10) : Do the "properties of light" activity from Space Update. (Special diffraction glasses in the case) Due to turn in: Sept 17

Homework 2: Doppler shift activity due Sept 24.

Homework 3: Distances and magnitudes activity - distances to stars, etc. Due Oct 1

Homework 4: Stellarium activity. Due Oct 8

Homework 5: Sun and Stars homework Due Nov 5

Homework 6: Observing Project. Due Nov 19

Homework 7: Public Education Project. Writeup due Nov 19

Homework 8: Astronomy Mission Report (counts as 12 points, including presentation). Electronic version of powerpoint file must be turned in, including movies if used. Must include at least 6 references, of which at least one must be a print, refereed, scientific journal (not just a web reference). Presentations 11/19 and 11/26.
Link to previous presentations here.

Quiz 1 review sheet

Quiz 2 review sheet

Last revised: August 6, 2012