ASTR 403 Observing project:

Due: April 18, in class

Observe at least 6 objects not in the solar system. Draw a sketch using the jpg or pdf observing form, being sure to note the location, telescope used, etc. Use a different page for each session. One of your objects can be the Sun (use safe techniques!)

Be able to point out six stars and four constellations in the sky to the labbie! Have them sign your form that you pointed them out. (can be some of the same objects you observe).

Limiting magnitude: The "limiting magnitude" is the magnitude of the dimmest star you can see with your naked eye.

Field of View: Given the Moon's size in your field of view, you can estimate the field of view of the eyepiece by seeing how many Moons fit across the field of view.

Magnification: Equals the focal length of the objective divided by the focal length of the eyepiece. The Focal Length of the observatory 16 inch telescope is 4 m; of the 11-inch Celestron is 2m; of the 8 inch, 1 m.

Download the jpg or pdf of the observing form. Save it and print it from a print program, or print at 50% from your browser.

There will be at least four evening sessions, but we get clouded out a lot, so be sure to come to the first possible session you can!

Or, you can go the "George Observatory" (in Brazos Bend State Park) any clear Saturday evening. (We may do a campout, date TBD)

last revised: Jan 10, 2011