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Welcome to the public outreach index of the Rice Space Institute at Rice University.


"Public Connection" home page

which brings you our multiplatform educational software

"Space Update"

bringing you over 600 mB of the best solar system, space weather, and deep space images and movies, and now

"Earth Update" (NEW - NASA "Seal of Approval"!)

with the best of today's Earth resources and imagery from the

"Museums Teaching Planet Earth" project

our NASA Earth Science Outreach program, including our newimmersive dome theatre productions - with much more to come!

Part of the Rice University Educational Outreach program


In Spring 2002 we will offer ASTR 403: "Astronomy for Teachers" , a 3-hour course "ASTR 403 (or EDUC 589)". This will teach teachers how to use our "Space Update" software in their classrooms, and will bring classroom activities aligned with the Math and Science TEKS. Thanks to NASA, we can offer a special $250 tuition rate to practicing teachers (which can be waived for certain HISD HU-LINC teachers).

ASTR 403 is a required course for the "Masters of Science Teaching" Degree. (Contact the Department of Physics and Astronomy for details and requirements.)

Cosmos Clock -

Get a free COUNTDOWN PLANETARY SCREENSAVER to any date you choose in our IMAGE theory page

"Lunar and Planetary Institute" home page

(Includes information on our NASA/OSS Southwest Broker/Facilitator program, which has many free resources and links for teachers in the area, including a 3-D tour of the solar system plus ways (and $!) for scientists and teachers can get together!)

Welcome to Planet Earth hotlist

(many earth, weather, and climate resources - U.S current weather and around the world) - most of this material (and more!) is now in our "Earth Update" web pages.

Space Weather Today

brought to you by Windows to the Universe , WeatherNet4, and our Public Connection program
Includes information from our Space Weather hotlist
(with links to many kinds of resources, including real-time WIND data) and Real-time auroral pictures!).

Solar Eclipse 98

images and movies from the 1998 caribbean eclipse

Houston Today

(realtime links to Houston weather from the Automated Weather Source network )

Patricia Reiff , Director

Last update: October 14, 2001