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Volume 4, Number 1             September 12, 2003

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40 years of Space Research at Rice:

Last year was the 40th anniversary of the Kennedy speech at Rice (let me know if you'd like a commemorative reprint), and this year is the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Space Science Department at Rice.

We are celebrating in many ways! First and foremost, we are planning for our 40th reunion celebration. Five years ago we had decided on doing it associated with the Lunar and Planetary Conference (which should be a big draw this spring because of all the new Mars results). Alternatively, we could wait till later in April when things are a little less congested.

Potential dates are: Saturday March 13 (before LPS)
Friday March 19 (end of LPS but just before substorm conference)
Saturday April 17 (at end of Space Weather Week in Boulder)
Saturday May 1

Let us know ASAP if you know of conflicts with any of those dates. I'm personally leaning towards the last one, because of fewer conflicts , to give us more time to plan, and because Brian O'Brian may be able to come in from Australia in April.

Another major event this spring is a "Space Exploration" series for Continuing Education. Running from Feb 16 thru the end of April, it will feature many "Spacalums" including Bob O'Dell, Jim Burch, Dave Young, Paul Cloutier, Jerry Fishman and Hugh Christian, as well as Carolyn Sumners giving a special at the planetarium, Mark Craig from JSC, and Neal Lane wrapping up on space policy. It's featured on the home page of the SCS: . Most of the visitors will also give a more technical talk at the Rice Space Institute colloquium series.

Observatory News: Finally, the on-campus observatory has celebrated its first full year, thanks to the many generous donors from Spac alumni and friends. We had over 2000 people come by for the week of Mars closest approach - whew! Pictures and the schedule can be found at

Alumni News: A new spacalum newsletter will be coming out soon... send me your news!
check the spacalum website:
.. we do still have some missing alumni that we want to reach - see!

Also, you as a spacalum subscriber can now see the list of all the alumni on our list (but it is HIDDEN from all others, and new subscribers must be approved, so your email is safe). If you want to see that list, or specify that your email address is hidden from others on the list, set a password or other options, go to

We do want to bring in as many former faculty and staff, and undergrads and MS students as we can, so if you notice that someone's not on the mailman list, be sure to let me know and we'll be glad to invite them!

...Pat Reiff

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