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Volume 4, Number 2             February 12, 2004

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40th Reunion Planning:

This year is the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Space Science Department at Rice, so it's time for the Reunion.

Plans are progressing for the 40th reunion... and the "Frontiers in Space Physics and Astronomy" conference. Date still holding at April 30 / May 1.

The reunion hotel will be the Marriott Medical Center, but we are waiting for confirmation on the price (we are hoping for $65 a night, but with the OTC conference also in town, the price is a little less flexible).

the preliminary schedule is:
Friday afternoon: reception / registration
Friday evening: at the new campus observatory (great views of the planets!)
Saturday: "Frontiers of Space Physics and Astronomy" conference.
Send in your abstracts and let us know what you are doing!!
Saturday evening: Banquet (location probably Baker Institute or Jones School)
Sunday: on your own; perhaps a planetarium show at HMNS

Alumni News: Distinguished Alumni Awards to be presented at Reunion! Be thinking of your nominations for Outstanding Alumni of the various decades (60', 70's, 80's, 90's and now 00's!), plus new categories: Outstanding staff, outstanding research staff, and Outstanding Undergrad alumnus!

Moshe Harel sends his regards to all from Israel:
Best regards also to all my friends at Rice, with special regards to Dick Wolf and Bob Spiro (and also to Hannes Voigt if he attending the reunion).
I will never forget the special time that I spent at Rice and the very warm welcome that I receive every time that I came to visit.

I hereby enclose recent pictures of my son Oren that was born in Houston, his new Australian wife Lucy, myself, and my daughter Nirit; and a recent picture of myself, my girlfriend Orit and our son Bar (who is 8 years old).
I hope to visit with all of you in my next visit to the U. S.

...Pat Reiff

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