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Eclipse Show

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TOTALITY! is our full-dome planetarium show about the once in a lifetime astronomical event happening over Texas in 2024!

Total solar eclipses are a rare and beautiful phenomena, and in this new planetarium show you will learn how eclipses happen, how to safely view one, and where these two eclipses take place. Texas is the nexus for the annular eclipse of 2023 and the total solar eclipse of 2024.

TOTALITY! is available for FREE licensing with a small format fee. A "flatscreen" version is also available free for educators and the media.  However, the show is designed for full-dome so some of the content may be offscreen or distorted.

To get access to the full-dome show files, please submit your info on the show request form below.

In addition we require all recipients of the show to also keep and later enter their usage metrics on our reporting form. Please bookmark this page so you can share that data with us as the eclipse date approaches.

Visit the show page at ePlanetarium.com for:

  • a preview of the full show
  • Educator Guide with sample questions and additional resources

The show is also available in a version with a specific focus on areas in Texas in the path of totality entitled TOTALITY OVER TEXAS.

TOTALITY OVER TEXAS is available for FREE for facilities in TX. Texas Planetariums should contact Dr. Carolyn Sumners at HMNS to get the procedure for a copy of the show.